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Skippy 1.24.2 Plain Bagel Inc.
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Skippy Description:

Skippy App for Android is a powerful YouTube player that turn’s informative video’s into books like a translator. That makes it easier to watch a 30-minute video in just 5 or 6 minutes. As the name suggests: skip videos as you see the sentence faster on the screen than the video. Now you don’t need to keep up with the pace a speaker. Learn with ease at your own pace.

This is really an awesome app for those who want to polish their English as well. Listen and watch videos carefully, if don’t understand anything read the lines that appear on the screen along with the video. This way you will easily understand and get the idea of what is being conveyed to you. Learn and practice big words and even use them. Soon you become the master of English language.

Skippy Youtube lets you filter out all the unnecessary stuff by skipping to next subtitle, clip or scenes. You get the message even more effectively without missing anything important. This is quite an amazing and wonderful way of watching YouTube videos. I should say, YouTube turned into books.

In its videos categories, you will find content about Social Studies, Tech & Sci, Art & Culture, Inspiration and much more.

Features of Skippy App

* Easy to use
* Powerful video player
* Give you a chance to get to the point far more quickly
* Let you skip videos without missing anything important
* Find content curated from, TED-ed, Kurzgesakt, Crash Course, Vox, Khan Academy and much more…
* Play video and start skipping

Skippy Android is quite a useful app for those whose don’t want to stick to a video from start until the end to grab the main point. It’s a perfect match for those who love reading. So download and enjoy reading rather than watching videos.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 12.0 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK

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