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June 26, 2024

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KK Installer - Install Hack Game app- icon KKGamer store is one of the top places where you can find thousands of hacked, modded games and apps. Whereas KK Installer – Install Hack Game is the app that lets you install all the hack games and apps of KKGamer in a very simple way. This tool has not been developed to hack games, rather created to make the installation process of various games simple. It comes with some great new features such as managing apps (install, uninstall and move games or apps packages anywhere around local storages). Now its easy to clean junk files and cache data from your mobile with just one click. Apart from that, it gives you the flexibility of deep cleansing of unnecessary data from your phone as well. Especially during the uninstallation of a game or an app.

On KKGamer, mostly you will find the games of the top game developer the Gameloft. These games are modified by the KKGamer hack team. I don’t know exactly why and how Gameloft allow them to modify their games. But whatever they do, they do it in the best favor of their users.

In addition, it takes care of installation of games of various file formats including .apk, .gpk and OBB as files. If you find any difficulty during installation of a game then don’t let anxiety prevail. Just download KK Installer – Install Hack Game app and allow it to install games itself. 


  • Easy to use & user-friendly interface
  • One click installation
  • App manager to install, uninstall and clean .apk and .gpk files
  • Move android package around different local storage easily
  • Delete junk files, cache data and much more
  • Not only uninstall apps but clean packages at the same time

Therefore, download hack games for Android from KKGamer Store and Install them on your mobile in one-click installation with KK Installer.

KK Installer APK File Details:

Developer: KKGamer Team
Version: 2.24
Size: 10.3 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<