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Hack App Data Description

Hack App Data app for Android is a powerful tool to dig out files of any app, and make some editing instantly. Hang on, if you don’t have any idea of app development or customization then surely it is not for you. Experts in this field can only use Hack App Data Pro for data manipulation and modification. So, folks consider this honest advice and stay away from editing any sort of data modification.


Android root is so important to modify app data with Hack App Data. Only a rooted device you can get most out this app. Since root widens extra possibilities of a smartphone, for this app takes full advantage of rooting in doing what it does the best. That said, rooting is not a child’s play. If not done expertly you could void the device guarantee or end up losing system data. So, think twice to go for device root to make Hack App Data Pro fully functional.

On its interface you could find two different categories of apps; both the default system apps and users apps. User apps are what you should be looking to play with. But, you still need to create a backup for file before making a hint of change to a user app, that you could restore you file from the backup anytime. It would always be mindful to create a copy though.



  • Present app info like basic information, Preference and Database
  • Access both default Android apps (system apps) and externally installed apps(User apps)
  • Dig deep into app data such as Sql Lite database
  • Rooting of device is key to increased functionality of Hack App Data Pro
  • Multiple hacking capabilities (static, dynamic)

Hack App Data is powerful in the sense that it give whole freedom to anyone make partial or even bigger changes in app data. So it is safe to use as far as extremely important system apps are untouched. If you look over ambitious to make modifications to default google apps then you are always on the verge of losing some important data. So, be careful that you are no doing anything wrong.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 3.4 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


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