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枫影(尹湘中 GameKiller
April 04, 2022
466 KB
Android 2.3+

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Game Killer Description

Since the smartphone has prevailed the whole of the world market, It has opened doors to unlimited possibilities as well. For instance, people can now watch movies, pay bills, connect with friends and family and shop online using smartphones. Playing videos games on mobile is becoming the most fascinating thing of all. Yeah that’s true. Even a mediocre video game manages to achieve millions of daily active users nowadays. Obviously this shows the popularity of video gaming. Along side video games, cheat tools such as Game Killer are proving to be a icing on the cake for a gamer. Such tools literally assist players to change parameters of a game to get advantage over their opponents.

What is Game Killer?

Game Killer is actually an exciting game patcher that lets you modify game features while altering the values. In Games like Clash of Clans, you can successful enhance gems, diamonds and lives by changing numbers. These are the assets you need in any game to unlock many benefits. Though it is not legal still is quite popular among gamers. Mainly, used by users who don’t want to wait 30 minutes or an hour to get extra lives.

Mostly, in games a player is given only limited number of lives (5 or so) to achieve an objective. If he/she cannot complete a level while consuming all their lives then surely wait is the only option until a new live is active. Obviously, for a gaming freak this wait is unbearable. So in such scenarios, a gamer will be on the hunt for something like Game Killer to gain free lives. This tool not only help a player gain coins but also help remove wait time in a game.

In order to inject hacks in to any game you need to download it first. On successful completion of installation process, you will see a pop up icon of the app. Simply drag it and place it anywhere on the screen. Leave it as it is. Now open the game where you want to gain free lives and coins. It will enlist the running services on the app. If your game is on the list then it will help you manipulate the parameters of the game in your favor. GameGuardian is yet another replacement to this app with the so many similar features. Consider using it to access many locked features.

Features of Game Killer

The results it can produce for a gamer is substantially amazing. It can expertly get you extra coins and lives. Some other features of Game Killer are worth mentioning here.

  • Clean and sleek User interface
  • Apply hacks and cheats to games
  • lightweight
  • Get free coins
  • Remove wait time to get lives


Game killer is very beneficial app with regard to the benefits a user can get. In fact, millions of users are loving it. Well, the reason for it to be a top cheat tool is it gets a player unbelievable benefits. But at the same time it is risky using it, since it could prove to be a reason for account ban. So be mindful and use it cleverly.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 2.3 and up
  2. Need minimum 466 KB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install Game Killer APK

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