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July 17, 2022
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Battle of Chepauk 2 Description

Most often you find yourselves busy playing video games on your smartphones in your leisure time. However, you rarely find a game that you don’t want to quit at all. Such addictive games are fun to play. Battle of Chepauk 2 is one of those interesting games that you would love to play again and again. No doubt, it is a nice cricket game where you are playing again Chennai Super Kings as your default team.

In addition to that you have the flexibility to choose your team squad. In fact, you are the selector. You can pick anyone from the bunch of senior cricketers like Albie Morkel, MS Dhoni, the Champ Dwayne Bravo and other emerging player. Of course, a combination of emerging and experienced players in your playing eleven might work well for your team.

You (Chennai Super Kings) are competing up against top IPL teams like Rajasthan Royal, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore in Battle of Chepauk 2. This is thrilling in the sense that you are playing it for fun at the same time experience kind of a real pressure. This is because you are playing up against top teams in the League (IPL). Obviously, these are high voltage competitions.

Battle of Chepauk 2 - screenshot 1

Battle of Chepauk 2 Game modes

Battle of Chepauk 2 gives you the real taste of cricket. Of course, it is fully integrated with features like that of a real cricket game. Meanwhile you have a number of modes to play including Super Over, Super Slog, and Super Chase. That makes it quite interesting.

1. Super Over

It is more likely that two playing teams end up on equal scores. Thus a super over would decide who’s gonna be the winner when scores are level at the end of both innings. That makes the match super entertaining and thrilling. In this mode you have to win different challenges without losing 2 wickets. Otherwise, your inning ends with a fail.

Battle of Chepauk 2 - screenshot 2
Battle of Chepauk – Game Modes

2. Super Chase

On the other hand, Super Chase mode is the one where you have to chase a set target within limited overs to win the match. There are about six level with different levels of difficulty.

  1. Club Class
  2. Young Lion
  3. Power Player
  4. Super Pro
  5. Champion
  6. Pride of Chepauk

Each of the above mentioned levels is based on 5 set of challenges. You have to win all 5 to move to the next level. Failing to do so will keep you in the same level. At the same time you get point on 1s, 2s, 4s and 6s you score and negative points on losing a wicket and dots balls you play.

3. Super Slog

Whereas in Super Slog you need to score as many points as possible to win the match, 4s and 6s give you high points. Sound great right! so, what are you waiting for? Download game from our site, install, play right now and enjoy! You won’t find it on google play store as it is not listed in play store.

Battle of Chepauk 2- screenshot 4
Super Slog

4. Super Matches

In this mode you embark on the journey of any of the IPL seasons. With a new squads you enjoy playing different seasons of IPL. Of course, you have to win match to take your team further. On each win you achieve different objectives. That includes:

  • Primary Objective: 1 Ticket
  • Secondary objective: 1 Ticket
  • Tertiary objective: 2 Tickets

Therefore, chase the target to win tickets which will then be used to unlock different levels and seasons.

Battle of Chepauk 2 - screenshot 3
Super Matches

5. Super Multi Player

Basically, you have 5 other online players to challenge. Of course, everyone is looking achieve different goals and rewards such as tickets. If you couldn’t win or complete the challenge you lose tickets. Hence, play with all you concentration and let the reflexes prevail.

Here in Battle of  Chepauk 2 you are the captain, not MS Dhoni, make a plan, execute your plan well to achieve the goal. Use your player’s potential well to become the champ.

Features of Battle of Chepauk 2

Adaptable game mechanics make the gameplay of Battle of Chepauk 2 enjoyable. In order to play your shots you just have to swipe in the direction you want to hit the ball. If you get the timing right you will surely dispatch the ball out of the park. Undoubtedly, that the beauty of this very game. Anyway, let’s have a look at the mesmerizing features of the game now.

  • Easy and fun to play
  • Wonderful graphics
  • Background Music
  • Game Music
  • Chennai Super Kings anthem in two languages (Regional and National)
  • Choose your own playing eleven
  • Addictive & immersive
  • More than 5 different game modes including (super over, super slog, super chase)
  • Purchase tickets for $1 each
  • Remove ads at $1.99

Yes, there are ads showing up in this game. However, these ads can be removed through cash. So, if you don’t like ads popping up every now and then. Simply, get rid in $1.99.


Although the IPL Cricketing season has recently come to an end. But the IPL Cricket Fever is still dominating the teenage circles. Therefore, to mitigate that fever Battle of Chepauk 2 has been recently released with all its glory. Since it’s release it is winning the hearts of millions with it’s new sleek design and unlimited features. I hope all cricket lovers will thoroughly enjoy this game on their smartphone to it’s fullest.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 76.0 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install Battle of Chepauk 2 APK

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